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Pacific Coffee Company General
What makes Pacific Coffee special and successful among the competitors?
  Pacific Coffee is positioned as an “Affordable Luxury” by providing passionate services, superior products and a cozy ambiance to accompany the Perfect Cup of Coffee.
Are the China Mainland or Hong Kong available for franchising?
  All the stores in the China Mainland or Hong Kong are corporate owned and operated. We do welcome interested parties to discuss opportunities outside of these two particular markets.
Franchise System
Does Pacific Coffee offer owner a single shop operator franchise right?
  PCC franchise system tends to enter a contractual relationship with a multi-unit development for an agreed territory. Exception may be granted to sub-franchise or a restricted territory arrangement.
What is unique about the franchise opportunity in Pacific Coffee?
  We understand the importance of support and local practice. While we bring the Perfect Cup concept to the franchise, we also listen to the franchisees’ local expertise without compromising our brand’s quality and image. That makes us unique with the sustainable growth.
What is the length of my franchise agreement?
  Normally, franchise agreement is under a 10-year term with annual plan on store development.
Franchise Fee
How much does it cost to open a Pacific Coffee store?
  This can vary according to the size, market and site conditions. In general, the build up cost is reasonable. Please contact us for further information.
What is the minimum net worth and liquid assets required to franchise?
  This can vary as we take anticipated development and project as a whole into consideration. Please contact us for further information.
What is the fee for a Pacific Coffee franchise?
  This can vary as we take several factors including territory, development plan and the partner’s experience and capabilities into consideration. Please contact us for further information.
What kind of support will the franchisees get?
  Support is always the most important factor in the franchise system. We provide support from warehouse and logistics, site selection and build-out, operations and marketing to product development and IT.
How long does it take for training?
  Three levels of training will be provided to cater for the different needs of different levels of management staff. “In-market initial setup” would also be a part of the training in order to help the franchise team to bring the whole PCC image to the destinated market. No extra training cost will be incurred in normal circumstances.
Franchisee Requirements
What are the criteria you will use to select franchisees?
  Ideal partner would be any private investors and corporations that have a proven track record of financial data and sufficient resources with an immense passion in developing our brand through a multi-unit franchise plan.
Do I need experience in retail coffeehouse business?
  Relevant Food & Beverage, Hospitality or Retail experience are definitely a plus but not a must, passion and capability would be the primary considerations.
I am certainly interested in Pacific Coffee franchising, what should I do?
  Don’t wait. Click “Our Franchisee” to fill in your information and let us share the passion and success with you.

If you are interested in Franchising, share your passion by providing the information on Our Franchisee or send us an enquiry at franchise@pacificcoffee.com, let us share our passion with you.