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Food & Beverage Development
Pacific Coffee offers a selection of espresso-based coffee drinks, other beverages and a wide selection of food products using only the finest quality ingredients. We consistently look for ways to improve the quality of our offerings to attract new and current customers to a fresh experience every time.
Pacific Coffee believes that people-oriented service is essential in bringing customers the best coffee experience. Together with support from our experienced and professional training team, we provide intensive new store opening support with comprehensive staff training, to help our franchisees develop their own professional team and build-on the same high standards that Pacific Coffee is proud of.
Project Management and Site Selection
Location is one of the key elements that lead to the success of a store. We have a team of dedicated people that assist our franchisees in understanding the important factors when selecting locations. We guide our franchisees towards building their own Pacific Coffee system by offering store design, professional support to replicate our relaxing coffeehouse environment to every part of the world.
Supply Management
Quality is always our prime concern when making purchasing decisions. We have a comprehensive distribution system in place to ensure that products arrive at each coffeehouse in optimal condition. Our contracting and distribution capabilities have resulted in major cost savings that are passed on to our franchisees to enjoy.
Local Store Marketing
Pacific Coffee is recognized as serving the best coffee in Hong Kong, having won numerous readers' choice awards from major local lifestyle, food & beverages magazines and web portals. Pacific Coffee makes an effort through in-store marketing to promote new menu items or value priced package deals to support ongoing marketing and promotional initiatives. They are designed to provide variety and excitement to give customers another reason to visit Pacific Coffee.
Knowledge Transfer through Technology
We value the importance of technology in this new era. Therefore Pacific Coffee has built an intranet to assist franchisees to retrieve information from local store marketing tools, promotional information to manuals that help our franchisees to operate smoothly at their specific location.

If you are interested to know more about how to be part our team, kindly refer to our FAQ or send us an enquiry at “Our Franchisee”.