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At Pacific Coffee, we choose only the best Arabica beans from around the world - Africa, Central and South America, Hawaii and Asia.

The Arabica trees grow at altitudes between 3,000 to 6,000 feet and produce a 'hard bean' with more concentrated flavors. Coffee beans grown at such altitudes require very careful cultivation with just the right climatic conditions. The colder climate encourages a slower maturing bean and the beans are harder, denser and of superior quality.

After carefully growing and harvesting, we go to great pains to achieve the perfect flavor in each and every bean. Using the most advanced methods and equipment available, our expert roasters artfully coax the unique flavor characteristics from each variety and blend.

Our coffees are available in five types: Blends, Varietals, Decaffeinated, Organic and Flavored Beans. Now you too can use them to make the perfect cup at home. To find out more about our range, click onto our coffee labels below.


Coffee grown without using pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Our organic beans hold recognized certifications from United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA).

Crema Scura

The blend is 100% high-grade Certified Organic Fairtrade Coffee. This special blend from Costa Rica, Colombia and New Guinea represents the finest of Organic farming techniques produced in some of the most famous growing regions in the world. The end product is an extremely balanced and well structured espresso which is excellent as a single shot or as a base for milk drinks.

The coffee comes with nutty aroma with a slight floral tint, rich full-body with a creamy caramel texture and a soft rounded dark chocolate finish. It is full city roasted, and this allows for the blend to display more of its floral edge, adding an improved creamy texture and greater dimension.

Sumatra Organic

A dense and earthy organically-produced brew from the Indonesian highlands, this coffee exhibits rich body, low acidity and a smooth flavor, as well as intense aromas of bittersweet chocolate, tropical spice and hardwood.


Colombian Organic

This fine Colombian coffee is certified by BioLatina as 100% organically produced. It is also a certified Fair trade coffee, as documented by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization “TransFair USA”.


A mixture of two or more beans that complement each other to bring out a unique and balanced flavor.

Seattle City

Richly satisfying, Seattle City is an exemplary blend of Latin American coffee. The flavor is lush, lively and supple, with good body, moderate acidity and seamlessly integrated aromatic notes of semi-sweet chocolate and dried leaves, with a faint fruity tinge.


Mocha Java

This classic blend combines estate-grown Java with Ethiopian Mocha Harrar. The cup is rich and creamy, with remarkably low acidity and an extremely distinctive aromatic profile of aged wood, light cocoa, roasted peanuts and dried hay.

Breakfast Blend

A combination of Indonesian and French-roast coffee, Breakfast Blend is a brew that mixes brilliantly with milk and sugar, and provides an invigorating cure for morning lassitude. The Indonesian component offers notes of hardwood, bittersweet chocolate and earth, while French Roast adds a smoky tang and buttery, almost savory element.

Espresso Blend

This blend of Costa Rican, Colombian and Indonesian coffee provides a bright, lively nutty-tasting espresso rich with golden crema. This espresso stands up to steamed milk and additional flavorings.

Pacific Coffee selects Colombian beans for the production of flavored coffee. The smooth and mild characters of colombian beans blend with the flavor perfectly that give an aromatic experience to flavored coffee lovers.

This rich delightful fully flavored roasted coffee, accented by a hint of hazelnuts, is made from 100% Colombian Supremo.


Vanilla Nut

Starting with 100% Colombian Supremo that is hand selected from only the best growers in Colombia, Vanilla flavoring extracts are added to create the most incredible, smooth and buttery flavor possible.


The patented Swiss Water Process is used to remove caffeine before roasting while retaining their natural characteristics and taste without using any chemical ingredients.

Espresso Decaf

Processed using the Swiss Water Decaffeination technology, this coffee has medium body, a mild gentle flavor and welcoming aroma of sweet creme brule, resulting in a rich and satisfying cup of coffee.


Colombian Decaf

Colombian Decaf is a richly satisfying cup with lively flavor and hints of caramel and roasted nuts. The coffee’s original character and flavor is retained by the superior Swiss Water Decaffeination Process.

Costa Rican Decaf

This Central American coffee is decaffeinated in Vancouver, by the Swiss Water Process, for a pleasurable cup with sweet spicy aroma. It exudes a pungent and smoky citrus flavor.

Coffee named after their geographical origins is known for their distinctive characteristics and bold flavors.

With numerous active volcanoes, the volcanic soil gives the coffee an elegant suppleness and adds a toasty note to the enticing aroma that grows a world-class coffee. The brew is rich, sweet and spicy, with an underlying subtle delicacy that invites repeated sipping. Hints of chocolate toffee, yeasty bread dough and even a whiff of anise may be noted in the freshly brewed cup.


Colombian Supremo

Colombia is one of the world’s largest producers of coffee. The rich soil, tropical climate and mountainous landscape are ideal for cultivating healthy and vigorous coffee plants. Our Colombian coffee is a “Screen 18 Supremo,” comprising only the largest, ripest and fully matured beans. These big beans have a richer, smoother flavor than lesser grades.

Mexican Altura

Mexico produces many coffee of varied character and flavor quality. This large-bean coffee has a smooth, delicate flavor and light floral, caramel and woody notes to the aroma.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain is rich, layered and lush, with mild acidity and a velvety texture. The aroma is beguiling and complex, with notes of milk chocolate, spicy hazelnuts and a characteristic fig-like nuance. The finish lingers on the palate and the coffee tastes as good when it’s cool as it does when it’s hot – an indicator of the exceptional quality of this world-famous origin.

  Kenya AA

The coffee has a dry winy quality. The aroma is redolent of walnuts and berries, and there is a fine fruity suppleness to the long, layered finish. It has been given an “AA” grade, based on bean size. (Coffee are often graded according to bean size: only the best fully-matured beans reach the largest size.)

  Hawaiian Kona

The flavor is mild yet deeply aromatic. Kona has an elegant balance of body, acidity, aroma and flavor that is rarely matched in the world of gourmet coffee. Our beans are large, uniform and impeccably well processed.

  Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful tropical landscape and fine coffee. Full bodied with a pungent assertive character with maple syrup and herbal notes, and a fine clean finish, this coffee exhibits the typical sweet intensity and bold richness that the region is known for.


From the well-known Indonesian island, this coffee, marked “Mandheling Grade 1,” has a fascinatingly complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma, reminiscent of the highland tropical forests native to the area around Lake Toba.

  Ethiopian Mocha

The cup is wild and complex, with notes of leather, wood, earth and nuance of berry fruit. It is a dry-processed coffee, unlike any other in our line. The processing tends to produce heavy-bodied coffee with exceedingly low acidity.