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K-fee is a hot beverage system with its own unique coffee machine and capsules that produce hot beverages like espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate mocha etc. The capsules are made by Kruger* with a variety of flavors, including milk based beverages.


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To find out more on coffee machines tailor-made for household usage, visit our coffeehouse or contact our specialists on 2290-6039 or coffeesolutions@pacificcoffee.com.


75% Arabica coffee bean and 25% Robusta coffee bean for satisfying blend of choice beans and high-quality cream intensifies coffee’s richness and smoothness!

Caffe Crema

Specially selected premium-grade Arabica coffee beans’ mellow aroma and exquisite taste are sure to become an essential part of your daily routine!



Made by drying and baking the finest West African cocoa beans, ours is the most creamily delicious chocolate drink you’ll taste anywhere!


A must-have ingredient in latte or macchiato, our world class milk’s farm-fresh nutrients have passed stringent German regulatory standards and undergone state-of-the-art quality control to guarantee their freshness and goodness.