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Pacific Coffee is just a call away, providing comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance for all coffee equipment. You willl find below some helpful tips to keep your coffee machine in good working condition and some frequently asked questions for simple troubleshooting.

How to keep your coffee machine in top condition
Do not use tap water where possible. We recommend distilled water to avoid the use of filter and the de-scaling procedure.
Allocating an independent socket for the coffee machine is highly recommended.
Always follow the cleaning instructions and ensure the right materials and procedures are being used and applied.
Clean and operate machines daily.
Ensure the nozzle for milk froth is cleaned after use to avoid any bacterial growth or blockage.
Clear the coffee grind bin frequently to avoid any blockage.
Switch off the machine at least 5 hours daily.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is there no response when I press the ON/OFF button?
  Please ensure your coffee machine is plugged in and turned on properly.
Why does the coffee only flow in dribs and drabs while drawing off?
  Your coffee may be ground too fine or the brew chamber may be dirty. Try grinding the coffee to a coarser texture or run the brew group cleaning procedure.
Why does my coffee taste weak?
  There may not be enough ground coffee in the brew. Try increasing the amount of coffee to strengthen its taste.
Why is there so little foam when I froth up the milk?
  An unsuitable type of milk may have been used. We recommend using cold, whole-fat milk where possible.
What should I do if there is abnormal milk flow?
  The milk valve or pick-up tube may be blocked. Rinse the pick-up tube and run the milk cleaning procedure.
Is there something wrong if the grinder is extremely noisy?
  Foreign elements may be stuck in the grinder. In this case, please call our service department for assistance.
What should I do if a malfunction message appears on the display screen?
  There may be something wrong with the internal parts. Please call for service immediately.

If you continue to experience problems with your coffee machines, please contact our Service Department on 82013998 or click here to arrange a service appointment immediately.